Saturday, 2 June 2012

Speaking for the IMA

Two weeks ago I had an honour to speak art the 15th Early Career Mathematicians Conference at the University of Manchester organised by the IMA. The subject of the talk was largely an aggregation of my past work on courses, exercises, these blog posts, centred around the core ideas of mathematical analysis.
Although I was not happy about my presentation, because, even with quite a few technical examples given, I think it still lacked essence. The main reason for it, of course, is that I am not currently working on any specialist subject and still completing my MSc at the Open University. Nevertheless, I got a very positive feedback from the audience of graduate students, school teachers and university professors. The only part that did let me down was when someone referred to my material as the "philosophy of mathematics". Although they had all the good reasons for saying that, my aim remains to be a working mathematician. This year  I am finishing my part-time MSc which took me 3 years, on top of the full time job, and finally delving into one of my favourite branches of mathematics with the hope of delivering solid results.

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